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Request registration for the exam from your federation

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  • Enter your name (In Latin characters if there are no results)
  • Enter you birthday (Format is "yyyy-mm-dd"
  • Enter the EKFCode in the form of "CCC.NNNNN", CCC is a 1-3 character code, NNNNN is a number with leading zeros
  • You can only register for exams higher or equal to nidan.
  • This is not the actual registration for the exam, only a request to your federation to do so!
  • You can check if you are registered for the exam by you federation here
  • You are / your federation is responsible for all other aspects of the exam: payment, cancelation, etc.
  • Your Email-Address is optional. If you enter it, the system will inform you if your request was granted by your federation. Furthermore you can be contacted if special rules apply to the exam because of COVID

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