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Country: Bulgaria
Name: Club Shinbukan
Address: Pirotska str. 68-
Postal code: 1000
City: Sofia
Disciplines: Iaido Jodo
Information: Club Shinbukan is an association for studying and popularizing traditional Japanese martial arts. It is founded in 2007 and offers Jodo and Iaido trainings in the style of Japanese standard school Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Seitei which popularity around the world grew apparently in the recent decade. Shinbukan is acknowledged member of Bulgarian Kendo Federation. Its members take part in yearly seminars and examinations held in the country and abroad. The club is in friendly relations with similar clubs in Greece and Hungary. The club offers advanced students to develop their knowledge and experience in traditional Japanese martial arts with ancient school practices - Shinto Muso Ryo Jodo and Muso Shinden Ryo Iaido.
Dojo's website:
Contact: Tzvetoslav Nikolov
Contact's phone:
Contact's email:

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