This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Stoke-on-Trent on 2019-07-21, organized by British Kendo Association (United Kingdom). Head of jury was Howell, John Edwin

4.danGB.02041Hann, Tristan
4.danGB.02044Potter, Jonathon Michael
3.danGB.00350Downie, Gordon
3.danGB.02370Durham, Adrian
3.danGB.02381Ince, Robert
3.danGB.02241Thurland, James Douglas
2.danGB.02525Broughton-Stuart, Turo
2.danGB.02522Castanon, Elisa
2.danGB.02143Kinsella, James Austin
2.danGB.02609Sansom, Lucy
2.danGB.02495To, Ophelia
1.danGB.02685Donaghy, Michael
1.danGB.02555Hirai, Kanako
1.danGB.02682Hussain, Zeshaan
1.danGB.02684Hynds, Ryan
1.danGB.02683Lo, Kristie
1.danGB.02551Minowa, Zou
1.danGB.02688Tyler, Andrew

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