This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Candelaria/Tenerife on 2022-09-18, organized by Royal Spanish Judo Federation and Associated Sport (Spain). Head of jury was Pomero, Valter

3.danE.00590Pérez Francisco, Eduardo Luis
3.danE.00638Sabater Romero, Joaquín
2.danE.00747Fiol Cabanellas, Antonio
1.danE.01089Asensio Pico, Maria Iris
1.danE.01093Gimenez Rodriguez, Irma
1.danE.01095Muntaner Marques, Miguel
1.danE.01090Perez Diaz, Carlos Enrique
1.danE.01092Rodriguez Luis, Nestor
1.danE.01091Sanchez Vadillo, Maria Naira

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