This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Hamm on 2019-10-06, organized by Deutscher Kendo Bund e.V. (Germany). Head of jury was Viebranz, Detlef

3.danRO.00208Cirea?a, Danu?-Gabriel
3.danD.01373Jürgens, Manfred
3.danD.01403Oppel, Ulrike
3.danD.00791Plau, Thomas
3.danD.01448Wirbser, Rouven
2.danD.01484Arndt, Karl-Heinz
2.danD.01568Müller, Walter
2.danD.01524Mütter, Dominik
2.danD.01717Wenker, Jonas
1.danD.01457Bleicher, Jaroslav
1.danD.01827Giesen, Leonie Momo
1.danD.01825Hagemann, Timo
1.danD.01826Lonczewski, Bernhard
1.danD.01723Pluczynski, Patrick
1.danD.01824Smeets, Alf
1.danD.01828Trinczek, Svenja

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