This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Bottrop on 2023-10-22, organized by Deutscher Kendo Bund e.V. (Germany). Head of jury was Viebranz, Detlef

3.danD.01636Fabritz, Sebastian
3.danD.01164Kurth, Matthias
3.danD.01710Mahlberg, Martin
3.danD.01837Tran, Marcel Hoang-Long
2.danD.01718Kohrn, Thorsten
2.danD.01890Röhrig, Eric
2.danD.01932Stillersfeld, Julian
1.danD.01957Gärtner, Marcus
1.danD.02035Jahnke, Volker
1.danD.02037Saalfeld, Christian

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