This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Villeneuve-les-Avignons on 2023-06-25, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Sauvage, Jean-Jacques

3.danB.00878Lopez Fernandez, Cedric
2.danF.06391Bensoussan, Denis
2.danF.06386Bonet, Anne-Claire
2.danF.06387Courteville, Alain
2.danF.06279Curty, Danielle
2.danF.06382De Bortoli, Julien
2.danF.06385Mahdi, Sara
2.danF.06276Orhand, Romain
2.danF.04858Pujol, Jean-marie
2.danF.06159Villareal, Gabin
2.danF.06278Ville, Daniel
1.danF.06647Bayle, Charly
1.danF.06649Crnjanski, Richard
1.danF.06650Godart, Jocelyne
1.danF.06196Goffe, Dominique
1.danF.06648Raynaud, Emilie
1.danF.06607Ulysse, Nathalie

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