This is the result of the Kendo-exam at VILLEBON on 2019-02-10, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Yoshimura, Kenichi

5.danF.02719Clement, Jean-Arthus
5.danF.04120Fourcadet, Jean Louis
5.danF.02721Gaillard, Benoit
5.danF.03493Maaziz, Lyna
5.danLT.00006Maciulevicius, Mykolas
4.danF.03858Bigex, Raphaelle
4.danE.00492Del Valle Prada, Carlos Daniel
4.danF.02967Jarno, Erwan
4.danF.03522Jimenes, Remi

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