This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Malakoff on 2022-07-02, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Soulas, Allan

3.danF.03809Allasio, Nicolas
3.danF.04853Calcas, Xavier
3.danF.06108Chou, Jessica
3.danF.02505Denys, Charles-Anael
3.danF.05459Fairbairn, Grégory
3.danF.05300Hald, Fabrice
3.danF.05881Naito, Yuji
3.danF.05516Skalli, Youness
3.danF.06111Somville, Kirgan
2.danF.06272Arnoult, Tanguy
2.danF.06102Chauvancy, Nicolas
2.danF.06184Kong, Sophie
2.danF.06113Lefort, Jean-Philippe
2.danF.05573Maillard, Jean
2.danF.05273Pommier, Cyril
2.danF.06044Vuillerme, Gilles
1.danF.06409Bassa, Kevin
1.danF.06404Bessa, Sami
1.danF.06405Bouaita, Yaqin
1.danF.03945Gimenez, René-Philippe
1.danF.04975Guardiola, Xavier
1.danF.06411Guillaume, Willy
1.danF.06202Huor, Nicolas
1.danF.06403Ishibashi, Bo
1.danF.06410Lacaze, Guillaume
1.danF.06408Leroy, Léopold
1.danF.06407Meunier, Matisse
1.danF.06406Tosogawa, Akira

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