This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Hourtin on 2019-06-16, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Sauvage, Jean-Jacques

3.danF.03736Bujaud, Romain
3.danF.03062Decamps, Stéphanie
3.danF.04334Ledoux, Alain
3.danF.05079Mazaleyrat, Camille
2.danF.05224Bouttier, Patrick
2.danF.05713Darias Diaz, Fernando
2.danF.05716Graingeot, Jean-Francois
2.danF.05714Roux, Georges
1.danF.05996Bardet, Thomas
1.danF.06000Dropsy, Bertrand
1.danF.05997Favale, Mathieu
1.danF.05995Fieyre, Alain
1.danF.02542Guadarrama, Satoko
1.danF.05999Lopez, Christophe
1.danF.05998Saidani, Samir
1.danF.06001Wouters, Jean-Luc

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