This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Bordeaux on 2022-05-22, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Carpentier, Jean-Paul

3.danF.05200Colsenet, Gaspard
3.danF.03792Gorgé, Claudine
2.danF.05953Bertaina-David, Sacha
2.danF.05959Boyer, Sébastien
2.danF.05958Chataignier, Jérome
2.danF.05897Gahuzes, Sacha
2.danF.06085Gaudin, Solal
2.danF.05956Nowak, Johanna
1.danF.06462Didier, Aliénor
1.danF.06465Drouet, Claudia
1.danF.06458Gibiot, Martin
1.danF.06463Gourbeault, Quentin
1.danF.06461Hillorion, Lucas
1.danF.06456Lacaze, Galaad
1.danF.06457Litran, Thomas
1.danF.06459Luchet, Joachim
1.danF.06464Mirebeau, Jean-Hugues
1.danF.06460Truel, Thomas

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