This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Munich / Oberhaching on 2023-10-29, organized by European Kendo Federation (EKF). Head of jury was Nakamura, Masato

7.danD.00392Bischoff, Oliver
6.danTR.00048Ari, Ali
6.danCH.00188Bleiker, Simon Johannes
6.danD.00589Hoffbauer-Kieper, Jens
6.danS.00326Jansson, Mattias
6.danGR.00031Papadopoulos, Ioannis
6.danB.00498Pauwelyn, Nicolas
6.danD.00679Prib, Ulrike
6.danF.02969Sampieri, Rodolphe
6.danI.01075Setti, Andrea
6.danPL.00144Szczepanski, Michal Ludwik
6.danB.00459Vandenbussche, Jonathan

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