This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Rebecq on 2018-05-13, organized by All Belgium Kendo Federation (Belgium). Head of jury was Gomez Acero, Emilio

4.danB.00579Cinelli, Luciano
4.danB.00509Lesire, Philippe
4.danB.00646Van Gilsen, Grégory
3.danB.00706Decoster, Pieter-Jan
3.danB.00829Simon, Didier
2.danB.00783Cogneau, Luc
2.danB.00811De Baets, Greet
2.danB.00833Linssen, Jimmy
2.danB.00832Renders, Merlijn
1.danB.00898Fredrickx, Jeffrey
1.danB.00892Ohn, Pierre
1.danB.00899Roosekrans, John

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