This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Brussels on 2019-12-21, organized by All Belgium Kendo Federation (Belgium). Head of jury was Otsubo, Hisashi

3.danB.00625Absil, Manuel
3.danD.01246Belz, Sascha
3.danB.00852Chuang, Sheng-Ju
3.danB.00655De Leenheer, Annelies
3.danF.04309Delobelle, Florian
3.danB.00573Dubois, Philippe
3.danF.05129Gerbault, Nicolas
3.danRU.00716Gordeev, Giorgii
3.danSLO.00035Koir, Polona
3.danF.03170Lachze, Ludovic
3.danB.00851Skrzypek, Mateusz Stanislaw
3.danB.00547Thai, Minh-Tm
3.danGB.02158Vandersleyen, Charlotte

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