This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Magglingen Baspo on 2017-04-08, organized by Swiss Kendo + Iaido SJV / FSJ (Switzerland). Head of jury was Christopher Paul Mansfield

5.danI.00888Cauda, Andrea
5.danCH.00156Sulzer, Anne
4.danCH.00241Hofer, Martin
3.danI.01826Boscolo, Manuela
3.danF.04961Coignard, Patrick
3.danCH.00323Mötteli, Roland
3.danCH.00307Purnelis, Antonis
2.danCH.00333Koller, Tobias
2.danD.00394Tomasek, Marie-Luise
1.danCH.00384Brodbeck, Othmar
1.danCH.00385Mayer, Stephan
1.danF.05328Questel, Corinne

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