This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Deggendorf on 2017-01-06, organized by Deutscher Kendo Bund e.V. (Germany). Head of jury was Tsuneo Suzuki

3.danRO.00027Amuratiu, Anton-Stefanita
3.danD.01260Blümel, Ralf
3.danD.01175Mermoud, Francois
2.danD.01359Hinsberger, Sebastian
2.danD.01371Müller, Rudy
2.danD.01389Scholz, Maria
2.danD.01296Wahl, Gerald
1.danD.01529Becht, Marie-Sophie
1.danD.01530Binder, Martin
1.danD.01531Dannenmann, Kevin
1.danD.01532Dehne, Simon
1.danD.01533Ernst, Maximilian
1.danD.01534Gherlea, Dorin
1.danD.01535Kizlauskas, Markus
1.danD.01536Krusche, Paul
1.danD.01537Mermoud, Lucille
1.danD.01538Michel, Georg
1.danD.01539Wagner, Michael

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