This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Malakoff on 2017-06-24, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Soulas, Jean-Pierre

3.danF.04885Ben Haj Hamida, Naim
3.danF.04761Guillemeau, KÚvin
3.danF.04821Meillon, Patrick
3.danF.03633Roger, Leo Paul
3.danF.03328Truong-Minh, Sylvain
2.danF.05248Bonnet, CÚline
2.danF.05252Courtiol, Eric
2.danF.04722De Oliveira, Jean-Pierre
2.danF.05206Noubel, Alma
2.danF.05250Perrin, David
2.danF.04500Tardif, Franšois
2.danF.05201Titina-Barclay, James
1.danF.05754Bourdarias, Mathieu
1.danF.05764Brudner, Jerome
1.danF.05757Darmon, Estelle
1.danF.05761Joubier, Vincent
1.danF.05755Laginha, Valentin
1.danF.05760Lee, Anna
1.danF.05758Letard, Vincent
1.danF.05763Leveque, Franck
1.danF.05756Pico, Victoria
1.danF.05762Stavridis, Thomas
1.danF.05759Ya, Jenny

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