This is the result of the Iaido-exam at Lapoutroie on 2015-05-02, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Jean-Jacques Sauvage

3.danF.03800Distel, Thierry
3.danF.03303Gatter, Bertrand
2.danF.04826De Martino, Sylvie
2.danF.04616Faure, Loc
2.danF.04796Gross, Christina
2.danF.04800Heitz, Maurice
2.danF.04569Putet, Jean-Paul
2.danF.04828Rau, Michel
1.danF.05333Casta, Jean Paul
1.danF.05329Givron, Arnaud
1.danF.05330Mann, Quentin
1.danF.05332Sauvageot, Eric
1.danF.05327Schmitt, Chistophe
1.danF.05331Schultz, Jean Louis

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