This is the result of the Kendo-exam at Clermont Ferrand on 2017-02-25, organized by FFJDA. Comite National Kendo et DR (France). Head of jury was Armand, Roger

3.danF.04528Henry Viel, Aya
3.danF.04733Maderna, Brice
3.danF.04106Pouyfaucon, Philippe
3.danF.04738Rousseau, Cédric
2.danF.05110Capelle, Ludovic
2.danTUN.00005Gillet, Pierre-Emmanuel
2.danF.05100Hiriart, Boris
2.danF.05062Lefol, Frédéric
1.danF.05438Costantino, Thibault
1.danF.05439De Clavière, Pierre-Marie
1.danF.05441Hernandez, Rodolphe
1.danF.05440Milcent, Julien
1.danF.05437Ouayo, Frédéric

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